Black Tar Macadam

All Sounds Produced From or By B. McDonald


Fuck You Warren G. Harding - 2008-2014

Offerte En Sappig (working title)  - 2014-

In Progress


Denny Hecker Dixie Cup

All Sounds Produced By, With or From B. McDonald

Four Stars - 2010-2014

Rattle And Hump - 2014-2015

The Joshua Tree Corrected - 2015

Im Not Done Loving You Yet - 2016-


In Progress



Mechanical Bride - 1995

Bryan McDonald-Vocals/Guitar

Erik McKnight-Drums

Justin Mishler-Bass

Extensions of the Skin - 1992

Bryan McDonald-All Except

Stephanie Bland-Violin

Damian Pelitere-Drums (all the gifts i gave)

Jayesunn Krump-Drums (a reason to leave this house)

Allan Smithee-Vocals (testimony of three witnesses)






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