Mechanical Bride Sm.jpg

Medium / The Mechanical Bride

by Medium

Bryan McDonald-Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards

Justin Mishler-Bass

Erik McKnight-Drum

Stolen directly from the description in Amazon: "The Minneapolis-based band's second effort is hard to square into any one category of music, and usually the bands that mix and cross musical genres are usually the best ones. "We're alternative I guess," bassist Justin Mishler said. "You can't run away from that". "Say if Ray Charles got himself a flying V and some crystal meth' and dressed up in a leather clown suit," vocalist and guitarist Bryan McDonald said. "That's us." - I do not remember this quote that a lot sounds like me. I loved that our odd combination of musical influences brought together a sound that allowed us to play with acts as contrasting as Fishbone, Rollins Band and The Wallflowers.